Coney Island boardwalk sunset.

This photo was taken by my friend Rachel Cardona. It’s amazing.


Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine Florida was a thing to behold. Access to the fort is not far from a public parking and the information center. There are lots of little shops on the strip so bring some cash because you will be spending it. Lots of great places to grab a beer or sit down and have a nice meal. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here in St. Augustine Florida.

castillo_8x10 castillo_12x8 castillosoldiers_12x8 soldierscanon_8x10

Clearwater beach 

So we head out to Clearwater beach today with good friends from Brooklyn New York. Although it was rainy we had a good time. I took this picture of my daughter as she herself was taking a picture of the Ocean.