Mirrorless Lumix GX-1



We all seem to want the latest and the greatest , we have to jump on the higher ” mega-pixel ” wagon but that should not be the case. There are still those cameras out there that do a fine job with the megapixels that they have and they have drop in price dramatically. Take for instance the Panasonic Lumix GX-1 , when it first came out it went for around 800 dollars , now this powerful little camera with 16 megapixels is going for 234 dollars ( body only ) at Adorama.com. Being that I had the Panasonic GF-1 , I jumped when I saw that price because it is still a great street photography camera, unobtrusive and with the pancake lens you can get some great images. It is fully Manual and the focus is so fast. I love the GF-1 and now I can add this one to my arsenal the successor to the GF-1 , the GX-1.